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AMA Emerging Tour: White Chalk

Posted July 2, 2014 by markdowning in AMA Entertainment
AMA Emerging Tour 2014 LOGO

AMA Emerging Tour 2014: The Harbour Bar, Bray

White Chalk began as one with Conor Quinn, coming from The Voice Of Ireland fame, and have now blossomed into a 7 piece band taking Ireland by storm. Being one of AMA’s Emerging Artists, White Chalk are getting ready for the first of our live shows on July 17th for the AMA Emerging Tour at the Harbour Bar, Bray alongside Jemson Green. Conor and the lads gave us a brief insight into what life is like now, the work it took to get there, and what’s in store for the future.

White Chalk Interview:

Conor how did it feel going from being a solo artist to being part of a band. Was it a hard transition?

I much prefer being in a band. I’ve been in and out of various bands for years and have also done a few solo things but there’s a great camaraderie that exists within a group of musicians playing live or in the studio that you don’t get playing solo. I feel there’s also more creative input and you always want to better yourself as a performer, musician or songwriter for your fellow bandmates. It’s also way more fun.

 So how did it all start. Did you know from the beginning that it was going to be such a large group, and did you all know each other before?

It started with auditions originally but that didn’t work out in the end. Kevin (our guitarist) joined the band through the auditions and then we got some friends and people we had worked with before, and it grew from there. We didn’t expect our band to have 7 members, it just worked out that way. In the end it all came together really naturally which I think is cool.

Things are moving quite fast for you all now, and with being one of the top emerging bands in the country, have you had any time to reflect on whats actually happening?  

We just work really hard at what we do and try better ourselves each time we play. We are only together a year and have achieved a lot of things that we are very proud of. We just take things as they come but it’s been going great so far. There is still so much that we want to achieve.

What has been your best gig so far, and are there any other major career highlights?

Probably Electric Picnic last year, or supporting Kodaline in the Ulster Hall in Belfast. Hearing our song on the radio for the first time was pretty sweet too. We have met and worked with some really cool people in the industry who have taught us a lot both in the studio and touring. 

What are you working on at the moment, or are you mainly focussed on gigging? Can we expect some new songs?

Yep. We have finished some new material in the studio which will be out early Autumn.  We are really excited about it.

 Where do you see yourselves in a years time. 

Hopefully working on/releasing our debut album, touring in Ireland and abroad, staying positive and writing tunes.

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