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Interview: Delorentos at Vicar Street

Posted November 6, 2013 by markdowning in AMA Entertainment

Conor Wynne sat down with Rónán Yourell and Níal Conlan from Delorentos before their sold out headline show at Vicar Street last Friday to talk to the band about future plans, career highlights and their ultimate fantasy band.


The first time I saw you play was in Malahide with Arctic Monkeys , that must have been pretty special but what has been your most memorable show to date?

 Yeah, that was a great bill with The Coral and Supergrass on it who would be huge influences of ours. The last few years have been crazy, playing music festivals in  Spain to over 20,000 people – things are going really really well over there for us. We played with Bruce Springsteen this summer, which was absolutely amazing, he’s one of our idols. We played a gig in Murcia, Spain and it was just us and a suitcase – no crew. We didn’t know what to expect and all we knew was  that our music had been used for the festival ads on spanish television. When we walked on there was a sea of people, it was just a really emotional gig. It was one of those intangible things.


Its great to see you guys making huge strides this year, having won best album at the Meteor choice awards then playing SXSW and a number of festivals throughout the Summer, after this show what’s next for the band?

 We are nearing the end of recording for our 4th album, which doesn’t have a title just yet. The main thing for next year is releasing that and touring the new material. We’re hoping to tour it around the world, we’re really happy with how its going. 


What would you consider as a more difficult process: improving your song writing or improving your audience size, and what’s honestly more important to you?

N- I think songwriting is always the more interesting aspect, ultimately that’s the thing that stays with you – it’s your legacy. It’s the reason you start a band, you can get caught up with the bullshit side of things at times. You don’t join a band to get reviews off pitchfork, you join a band to write music and play gigs. In terms of the audience side of things, it’s nice to have a big audience.


R – Songwriting is much more difficult, I don’t know if we’re slow learners but its taken us a long time to get to where we are, it feels like you start fresh with each album.  Music is the thing to focus on, if you’re not enjoying it how is anyone else supposed to be? A lot of people say, if you’re producing brilliant music, people will find you. The object of the exercise, is to be good. It’s never been to be famous, it’s to be a good band. If your heart isn’t in it, you’ll get sick of it.


There seems to be resurgence in guitar based music at the moment, what would you put this down to and are you happy to see guitar music battle it out with laptop production?

 I never felt like it went away, I love when bands incorporate both really effectively. I love the performance aspect of seeing a band live, watching a guitarist fling himself across the stage or drummers who are really visual. Something we realised with the last album is to write for both sides of the spectrum, to be an engaging live band but have another side in the studio where we let our imagination run wild and not think ‘whos going to play this’ – just completely leaving the stress behind. We’ve been guilty of being afraid of trying things, or people not liking it. We try not to be scared and go with creative impulses, and just push things out. 


Whats your favourite song to play live

Little Sparks is always pretty cool, its always really free flowing, it can speed up or slow down depending on how we’re feeling or how we’re interacting with the audience. It builds up from nothing really quick.


All time favourite Local act, any emerging local acts to keep an eye on?

All time favorite: There was a band years ago called Life After Modelling, and they were incredible. It was a mixture between indie and punk but had a really askewed pop sensibility. 2 guys, 2 girls in a relationship and they split before they made an album.

Emerging: Bleeding Heart Pigeons – I saw them a while ago and they were quite raw but really good.


The ultimate fantasy band, 5 members.. who makes the cut?

 Robbie Robertson on guitar, writing tunes, backing vox and doing some cocaine

Bruce Springsteen

Bobby Gilepsie on drums

Kim Deal on Bass

Ronan (delo) on guitar


What advice would you give to any bands who are on the up and coming at the moment?

If somebody tries to force you to sign a record contract, its probably not a good record contract. We didn’t sign one but someone did try make us. Enjoy the music, you have to do other shit but just focus on the music. Lots of practice, lots of playing, do it all.


What do you reckon is more powerful currently? traditional press or is the digital marketing for bands?

 Definitely the digital side of things. In terms of Ireland you’re only really talking about 2 publishments. If someone gets  a 5 star review on pitchfork they’re the next Arcade Fire.


You guys have had trouble with labels in the past, is label backing really needed at the moment considering the huge overhaul the industry has gone under over the past 10 years.

 Its more about people really, it could be a management company or a record label or a well connected agent. Its kind of about getting a few of the right people. With the Spanish thing its all down to one guy, who really likes us and has been working his ass off. People who advocate the band are good. The notion of giving our album to a label  fell apart – it was one of those ‘Im not going to lose my virginity on my wedding day’ then some delightful lady comes in and turns your head – then says she follows up by leaving. You’re like ‘oh shit, I’m just after giving you my virginity’. It’s the wild west.


Any surprises tonight?

Apparently we’re going to the Lord Edwarde, we do have one big surprise though – but we cant tell you!

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