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Interview: Marc O’Reilly

Posted March 24, 2014 by markdowning in AMA Entertainment

This week AMA Media’s Conor Wynne had a catch up with Irish alternative roots artist Marc O’ Reilly to get the dirt on his upcoming new album. “Human Herdings”. Critics could not get enough of his debut album “My Friend Marx” which was released in 2011, and hype has already begun to generate for his second album which is due out in the coming months. Marc’s music has been described as food for the soul and it is easy to understand why.


Hi Marc, your new single ‘Reach Out’ is a departure from your usual folk set up. Was it a natural progression for you swapping finger picking for some growling riffs or was there a reason behind this?

Hi Conor. Hope all is well. Em, I suppose it was just something that happened naturally. I mean there is still that folk side to the new album which I suppose people who know my music will recognise but yeah, on the new album some of the songs are that little edgy compared with “My Friend Marx”. It wasn’t ever a conscious decision, it’s just what came out when writing the new album.


Has your songwriting in recent times taken the same approach to ‘Reach Out’ and will fans be expecting to see a full band for the upcoming tour?

I wish I could figure out the approach to be honest! I don’t think I really have a specific approach when I’m writing. Usually the music comes first, sometimes it’s the lyrics but I don’t usually stick to the verse chorus verse etc. format it’s whatever feels right. Yeah I’m bringing a full band on the tour for the first time, which I’m just so happy and excited about. I’ve a serious bunch of musicians who are just seriously sound guys who thankfully like the music!


Can you give us a bit of insight into the lyrical content of the song “Reach Out” and what it means to you?

“Reach Out” is essentially all about the economic trials and tribulations of Ireland over the past few turbulent years. Well that’s what is at the core but it translates to a variety of situations where the “small” guy gets screwed over by the big guy.


What type of an album is “Human Herdings”, and how does it differ to your work in the past?

I think it’s a dark enough album in terms of the subject points. Much darker than I would have thought it was going to be really. I think in terms of genre it is probably blues/folk really but someone else might listen to it and complete disagree! I don’t know if there’s a huge difference from previous stuff, because as a writer it can be hard to separate yourself from the music and judge objectively but I hope people like it and see it as a progression from the first album.

Artists often have trouble with writing their second album, did you have any difficulties with this and how long did it take to piece together the album?

Yeah, I think I put myself under alot of pressure initially which just didn’t help. I went through a really hard few months just prior to recording it. I was spending long days finishing off songs and doing alot of pre-production work which was really difficult because I was on my own and there comes a point where you don’t even know any more if anything sounds good. But thankfully I got through the stuff and then once we started to record it all came together really quickly, I think we recorded the whole album in 8 days.


You’ve had many highlights in the past such as playing Glastonbury and playing shows in Toronto and California. What was the standout highlight of 2013?

Glastonbury, everyone should have to go at least once!


Are you planning on playing Irish festivals this summer?

I certainly hope to be involved in the festival scene this year!


Who would be your favorite local act of all time, and is there any up and comers you would tip for success this year?

That’s probably got to be my Uncle and Fathers band-Loudest Whisper, they’ve just been a huge influence over me all through the years. Tipping someone for success is just so hard, there’s so much good stuff out at the moment which I have to admit I’m only getting back in touch with because between touring abroad, writing and recording I just haven’t had time.


What would be your dream show to play, and pick your fantasy back-up band for the night!

That one is easy, Brixton Academy with Pearl Jam! :)



Check out Marc’s unique style below and get a little reminder of the type of music you can look forward to…. 

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