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Dirty Epics To Release New Single “Those Pretty Things”

Posted July 3, 2013 by AMA Music Agency in AMA Entertainment
dirty epics

Dirty Epics are preparing to release their latest single, “Those Pretty Things” taken from their sophomore album One-Way Mirror, the track has featured on the hit BBC vampire drama “Being Human.”

Produced by Declan Gaffney (U2) and Matt Paul (Amy Winehouse, Noistettes, Hotchip), the album delves into the light and dark of the human condition from blind faith and the first flourishes of love to the depths of depravity. Music from the album have featured on several TV shows and films in Ireland, UK and the US, including full tracks on the top E4 top series Skins.

Our aim is to create music that pulses and thumps and buzzes in your brain and your heart, which gives you strength and belief”.

Album Reviews

“They’ve honed their sound too into a formidable, controlled sonic assault, while the songwriting carries the mark of a band who’ve got what it takes to scale the heights… the superb current single ‘Midnight Missing’ and the terrific adrenalin rush that is ‘Beautiful Mistake’…One Way Mirror is a scorcher.” Hotpress

“This superb Irish album produced by Declan Gaffney (U2) and Matt Paul (Amy Winehouse, Hotchip), shows Sarah Jane Wai and Co haven’t been resting on their laurels…” The Irish Daily Star

“One-Way Mirror incorporates synth-pop into the punk thrust of old and does so with considerable panache… this is a fine comeback” Irish Independent

“Dublin quartet Dirty Epics have moved a distance from the hard-nosed punk inclinations that marked their 2008 debut Straight In No Kissing… they keep it uncomplicated and punchy.” The Irish Daily Mail on Sunday

“Dirty Epics have been slinking around the scene for a while, getting progressively tighter and sexier…When they emerge from the lab with ‘One-Way Mirror’ it’s going to surprise a lot of people. It’s a delicately formed Frankenstein’s monster, and a perfect example of the Retro-Futuristic style. Some will find the riff heavy guitar parts hard to reconcile with the peripheral electronica, but the guitars make perfect sense on this record, they balance the sultry detached tones of SJ’s voice.” TNT24.ie

“Let’s Be Alone and Those Pretty Things are the albums stand out tracks. A boisterous bravado of sounds completed with cleaver catchy choruses makes them the albums sing along songs, but with a rambunctious vengeance. …Dirty Epics have honed their skill, and so erupts a tighter more formidable record in ‘One Way Mirror’. Given the attention they have garnered as a live proposition, a particular justice should be done to an album of such pizzazz and intensity. ‘One Way Mirror’ is a stellar sophomore album.” Goldenplec.com

“Should you enjoy stabbing synths, Siouxsie-style vocalising and fresh re-imaginings of pre-Thatcher new wave, as we tend to, you will love them…” Broadsheet.ie


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