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The Pale In Belgorod Tour Diary

Posted May 1, 2013 by AMA Music Agency in AMA Entertainment

The Pale In Belgorod, Russia, April 2013

By The Pale


We had an incredible time in Russia.
Truly Incredible.

Dublin to Zurich and on to Moscow for a 10 hour van drive across Russia to Belogorod with the brilliant Alexander at the wheel.
The sun is coming up and the mist is starting its retreat slowly through the clearings and trees of the silvery woodlands.
Frailan is sitting up front naming the cars that pass while comparing the architecture to Cuba and the radio is playing Russian pop.

On arrival the next morning we are met by all the members of staff from Hamiltons who waiting on the steps of the venue.
Smiling and introducing themselves one by one to us all.
We are brought inside Hamiltons and giving a huge breakfast before being shown to our luxurious rooms.

After some sleep we then played two shows over two nights.
The venue is packed out on both nights by two great audiences.
They dance, sing along and they shout for encores at the end of each show.
These two shows quickly become contenders for the title of our most memorable shows ever.

We fit in some go-karting along the way and Frailan nearly puts Andy out of the game by ramming him at speed by accident on a blind corner.
Andy has evidently pulled a muscle in his back and quickly pulls into the pitts.
Back at the venue we find ourselves taking turns to rub a miracle cure on his back and after a soak in a bath and a little rest Andy is back in the game.

As we have made evident we got treated like Kings on arrival and for the duration of our stay in Russia.
We met an incredible amount of people over there and every one of them a diamond.
Every one of them a memorable character.
It even got a little emotional when we were getting ready to leave again for home.
It was that good.

On the way back along the long road to Moscow we found out that our airline company had cancelled 1700 flights.
Ours included.
A woman called Katya from the airport came to our rescue as she had noticed 5 confused and clearly tired Irish passport holders walking around looking for somebody to answer our questions.
We had only one question really.
Do you think we are going to see Dublin ever again?

After our 10 hour drive and a 6 hour stay at the airport we get a little glimmer of hope as a tired Russian girl takes up a position behind the counter.
Some of us had not slept a wink and thought it might be a walking dream but to our relief it was the real thing.
We get some flights organised by our airport apparition and they turn out to be to Heathrow direct.

On arriving at Heathrow and wandering through 3 security checks we settle in for a 3 hour wait.
So far so good.
On arrival to our boarding gate and on presentation of many documents we are told that we did not follow the correct check in procedure.
This made some of us just a little bit tense.

So with bags in tow we run the complete distance of Heathrow in order to check in.
A lot of running and muttering under our breath insues.
Too late.
We cant check in and our instruments are still on the tarmac.

Enter a very helpful lady who works for the airline we had just failed to get our flights with.
She calms us down and walks us back through the myriad of terminals to a desk that can deal with our dilemma.
Another 3 hours of queues and a little negotiation follow and we have a flight home.

On arrival in Dublin we find that our acoustic guitar and bass did not fly with us and they had decided to stay in London.
We make a request in Dublin airport that they come home as soon as possible as they have to turn up for work the next day.
Details are left with the correct authorities and the next day they are delivered to us.
The acoustic guitar however is not looking too youthful to say the least.
Lying around the runway of an international airport can be a dangerous profession.

That is only half the story.
The other half we are storing away in our collective memories appearing only as a rye smile in the future.
The sort of smile that provokes someone to ask “What are you smiling at?” and you say “Nothing”.
We are home now and we already want to go back as soon as possible.

The Pale



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